Have you ever heard about the Peugeot Oxia?

It is French, has a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph), weights 1374 kg (3029 lbs) thanks to a body made of Kevlar, carbon fiber and aluminum, all wheel drive, four-wheel steering system, two limited slip-diffs, adjustable rear spoiler, and only produced in two models.

It is not a super exclusive version of a Bugatti, but it is actually a Peugeot. From 1988.
Named after Oxia Palus, the Martian region used as a reference to calculate the local time, it was Peugeot’s flex as a motorsport dominator at that time, and it later be an inspiration for their Le Mans winner, the 905.

It was a triumph of technology: electric seats, hi-fi (with a CD-player), GPS, it even had solar panels that would allow to use the air conditioning while the car was turned off.

The Oxia was powered by a 2849 cc twin-supercharged V6, and with an output of 670 hp it was a beast compared to the Ferrari F40 (478 hp), Porsche 959 (444 hp) or the Lamborghini Countach (440 hp).
With an equivalent pricetag in today’s money of roughly £2 million, and without enough interest from the public, only two specimens were built.
Shame, because the 80s deserved another incredible supercar...


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