A curious concept by Mercedes-Benz

Unbeknown to most, this 1995 Mercedes-Benz concept is actually rather brilliant.

Introducing the Vario Research Car: a sedan, cabriolet, pickup and wagon all in one, capable of transforming from one to the other in just 15 minutes.

Jack-of-all-trades abilities aside, this car also had a continuous variable transmission, a plastic body reinforced with carbon fiber and drive-by-wire steering and brakes.

Some say that a joystick should belong in an aircraft or in an arcade, personally I still prefer to hold one of those round thinghies with three pedals underneath it and a stick next to it, but when it comes to coolness factor, it gets our vote.

The VRC is like a life-sized lego model, and for that we have to commend Mercedes-Benz.

Too bad they didn’t think about fins, wings, or any other crazy accessories that we had in our playsets.

Which layouts would you have liked to have on your VRC?

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