What if Juliet was a Porsche 911?

We all have a dream car.

That unattainable car that we dream about since  we’re kids, that car that seems impossible to have, shortly, we all have ‘that car’.


So, what do we do when we can’t have that car?

We seek a compromise.       

We buy shirts, posters, go to rallies, watch Youtube videos dreaming about the day that we’ll put our hands on that engineering masterpiece, but out there someone can still find even more agreeable compromise. 


Claudio, like many of us, loves cars and his “that car” is the Porsche 964. Before you ask, NO, you didn’t forget the basics, that’s not a 964, it’s Claudio’s compromise, the beautiful Porsche 996. (He promised that he’ll write to us when he put one 964 in his garage anyway)


Well, we could say a lot about the 996, hop on Wikipedia, copy, paste and stuff…perfect, then what? 

Nah, this car deserves better. Therefore, we want to tell you a story, the story of Claudio and this beautiful 996, so make yourself comfortable, grab a beer and let’s find out about this curious, almost tragic 996 tale.


Claudio is one of us. He loves cars, works on them, gets his hands dirty to fix them up and to give them that little boost. Just like us, he spends his time scrolling automotive ads looking for ‘that car’ and setting up cars that he’ll never buy.

He dreams about the 964 but one day, while scrolling, he notices this 996 Indian Red. He gets curious, clicks on the ad, and thinks about it. From the pictures it looks nice, a 2+2 to enjoy with the family, to take out on a Sunday and make aimless rides, a perfect Gran Turismo.


Claudio makes his decision. That ad was too good to be true and in fact here’s the first small problem…The car is in Dubai and Claudio lives in Verona, Italy (yes, exactly where Romeo and Juliet was based). 

Like Romeo who struggles to find his Juliet, to Claudio it seems impossible to reach his 996.

But we all know that desire is what drives man to try what seems unachievable, so Claudio contacts the owner, a collector from Dubai, who confirms the availability of the car, even though there’s a lot of other enthusiasts that aim at her and who could steal that baby at any moment.


Claudio is hesitant, rethinks about it, and there’s always that  “maybe it’s not the right time” moment. But thanks to the push of his family, our Romeo and his father leave for Dubai searching  for his beloved Juliet.


All set! Or maybe not…We forgot some tiny details. All of this happened back in January 2021 with the lovely restrictions and lockdowns all around the world, thereby cancelled flights, endless layovers, and unlikely trips.    

However, our Claudio has become unstoppable, he wants to have  his Juliet and arrives in Dubai where he found this gorgeous 2003 Porsche 996, Indian Red, automatic with 53000 km and it was love at first sight…But there was still an issue.


He must bring her to Italy, but how could he? Well, crossing through the Suez Canal on a ship, of course. Thanks to Claudio’s friend, a Porsche pilot, our Romeo finds a container and a ship ready to take his Juliet and they lived happily ever after…Nah, that would be too easy.


On the 23rd of March the Ever-Given ship gets stuck into the Suez Canal, blocking a good part of the world transport on water. And where was our little Porsche? Exactly! A few ships away from the Ever Given…Poor Claudio.

In the meantime, Claudio was mocked by his “friends” who consoled him by sending him photos and videos of cars falling into the sea…You know, friends.


But despite all of this, unlike the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet, our 996 arrives intact in the arms of Claudio and after a polishing, some electric upgrade for the European circulation, our beloved protagonists are ready to live their long love story.


Yeah, yeah, don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you technical details lovers:

It’s a '03 flat six Porsche 996 equipped with automatic gearbox and a four-wheel drive that helps the 320 ponies reach 60 mph in just 5,3 seconds (remember that in early 2000s was very quick)


Well, Juliet runs and runs fast.

Don’t give up. Keep dreaming and you’ll see that someday you’ll find your Juliet.


Pictures by Valerio Di Domenica (@vs_automotive_studio)

The famous Claudio is @claudio_so.ga

Peace and love Folks.

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