The Prodigal Bull

Pictures by Alessandro Vago (@_alexvague)

Special thanks to Paola Del Bo (@polydelbo) and her family


The first memory that Roberto Del Bo has of a Lamborghini Urraco dates back to June 1973, when his father Pippo and him were on the balcony and saw a yellow model brought by Achilli Motors in Milan for a test drive.

Pippo got curious when he read an article about it in a magazine, and he was undecided between it and a Ferrari. At first the dealer drove it, until the 29-year-old Roberto sat behind the wheel and took it for a spin at the track of the Parco Sempione.

Slowly, he gained confidence to the point that the dealer suggested him to slow down.

“Calm down! Don’t run, you’ll be able to do it when it will be yours!” were his words.

Pippo didn’t bother to try it, he trusted his son’s instincts. After all, he had been taking car of the family cars since he was 18…

He chose this amazing “luci del bosco” paintjob with mustard interiors, and he even opted for air conditioning and a track player. The order was “urgentissimo” (extremely urgent), that’s how he was used to deal since he was an entrepreneur and a “commendatore”; besides, summer was approaching and he wanted to have it before the holidays.

The car was used mostly by Pippo and his wife Tina, but Roberto did get to drive it for long distances too. For example, one time his father went to Rome by train for a reunion of Assopetroli of which he was the president, but he fell ill and Roberto drove all the way down in the Urraco to pick him up.

When the doctor prescribed some rest in the mountains, Pippo chose a little hotel on the Sila in Calabria, known for having the cleanest air in Europe. Well, Pippo and his wife flew there, whilst Roberto drove the Urraco more than 1000 km to bring them the car, and then on the way back when the vacation was over. Ah, the sacrifices we do for our family…

After a few years, Pippo was struggling with backache and the Urraco was too low for him, so he decided to change car. At first he thought of passing it to one of his children, but then he sold to a family friend, with one condition: in case he wanted to sell it, he would have told him and Roberto.

Five years passed by, and then the phone call arrived: it was time to welcome back the Urraco into the family. Pippo imposed Roberto in his typical authoritarian expression “you must buy back the Lamborghini!”, but on the meantime its value had doubled… 

Fresh from a certification from the Lamborghini Polo Storico and some overall mechanical checkup, the Urraco is ready to hit the road again, just in time for summer as it was intended in 1973.

As for its future, Roberto wants to keep it in the family for generations to come. We just hope he will not pull a stunt like Pippo did…




Stay tuned for more amazing cars from the Del Bo family, including this one of a kind little beauty right here... Can you guess what is it?



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